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Need a quick way to inform customers or stakeholders about product updates? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Announce product updates, new features, bug fixes and more with Releases.

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Clean Interface

Our changelog software is designed to be easy to use. The interface is clean and intuitive, so you can focus on what matters most — posting updates.

Simple Pricing

One fixed and very affordable price, paid in a one-time payment. No subscription, no hidden costs, no surprises. You will get any new features we may add as well.

Easy Customization

Sleek and intuitive themes that are designed to enhance user experience. Stay on-brand by using your own logo, brand colors and your own custom domain.

Full backups every 12 hours
99.9% uptime guarantee
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Ready, set, publish!

It starts in a simple editor. Go write that new changelog entry.

Maybe not too simple, but one that offers enough formatting choices and a convenient method to upload images. Our editor supports these features and more, making it effortless to publish your content wherever you are.

Notify subscribers

Just released something? Great! Be sure everyone knows.

Keep your changelog subscribers in the loop whenever you unveil updates or unleash new features (just not on a Friday, okay?). Excite them with emojis, screenshots and clear wording and bring your update to their inbox.

On-page Widget

Show product updates directly where your users are.

In addition to email notifications, you can also keep people up-to-date via our on-page widget. Trigger it however you want, using your own markup and styling.

Ok, show me
Build trust

Maintaining an active changelog consumes time, but will pay off long term.

Build trust - not just a platform.

Start a changelog
  • Transparency

    A changelog provides transparency to users by documenting all the changes, updates, and fixes that have been made to the platform. It helps users understand what has been modified, added, or removed, giving them insights into the platform's progress and evolution.

  • User Empowerment

    By having a public changelog, platforms empower their users. Users can see that the platform is actively maintained, and they can easily track new features or bug fixes that are relevant to them. It allows users to make informed decisions about when and how to use specific platform features.

  • Communication

    A changelog serves as a communication tool between the platform and its users. It enables the platform to proactively inform its user base about updates and improvements, keeping them engaged and aware of the platform's ongoing development efforts.

  • Bug and Issue Reporting

    A changelog can help streamline the bug reporting process. When users encounter issues, they can refer to the changelog to determine if the problem has already been addressed in the latest update. This information reduces duplicate bug reports and helps users provide more accurate feedback to the platform's support team.

  • Trust and Reliability

    Maintaining a clear and up-to-date changelog helps build trust with users. It demonstrates that the platform values transparency, actively addresses user feedback, and invests in continuous improvement. Users are more likely to trust and rely on a platform that openly communicates its changes and fixes.

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“We use Releases since the public beta and are really happy so far. We love such simple tools that focus on one thing only. Great software that does what it promises.”

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Get lifetime access to all features we offer today, plus any new feature we add in the future. One-time payment, no subscription. Use for as long as you want.

  • Multiple workspaces
  • Unlimited entries
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Themes
  • Custom domain + SSL
  • Post scheduling
  • Widget
  • GitHub sync
  • API access
  • Exports

* Base price is in EUR and is automatically converted into your local currency during checkout.

Get your changelog in order! Use Releases, a ridiculously simple and affordable approach to changelog software.

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